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Development of a decorative project adapted to the location

  • A design study does not start with drawings but with words. First of all, we write a story, the main theme, inspired by discussions with you to describe who your clients are (or your teams in the case of offices) and the state of mind that the premises should inspire: escape, charm, comfort, surprise, serenity…
  • Next, a mood board is created, bringing together images that illustrate the main theme.  This booklet allows us to validate the major visual trends that we will subsequently find in three dimensions.
  • Once this creative framework is confirmed, we apply these images to the volumes communicated to us by the architectural team. This is the great creative phase with pencils and colours: floors, walls, ceilings, layouts, furniture, decorations, etc.
  • As you validate these images and share the same vision of the spaces, we refine the drawings using software that allows us to build precise views in plan, elevation and 3D.
  • At the same time, we provide samples that allow you to validate the materials.

Lastly, we draw up a decorative technical booklet that brings together all the details that will enable the project management team to create a project that is as close as possible to our creative inspiration.

Architecture and project management

Design of the project and monitoring of the implementation

  • Diagnosis, sketches and preliminary projects: checking the feasibility of the project, drawing up plans, researching technical solutions and materials, studying the cost of the investment
  • Project and obtaining administrative authorisations: further development of the project and submission of authorisation files (application for authorisation to work, prior declaration, application for a sign, building permit)
  • Assistance to the project owner for the awarding of works contracts: preparation of the tender documents, analysis of bids, assistance in selecting companies and awarding contracts
  • Visas: validation of the execution plans of the companies, in collaboration with the specialized BET
  • Management of the execution of the works: organisation of site meetings, financial monitoring of the site
  • Site management and coordination: establishment and monitoring of the construction schedule by the companies
  • Assistance to the project owner for the acceptance of the work

General contractor

Renovation of premises from design to handover under a single contract guaranteeing budget, quality and deadlines

  • carrying out preliminary technical studies and plans
  • costing of the work, obtaining administrative authorisations
  • selection and management of companies carrying out the work on the basis of competence, price and availability
  • optimising costs and controlling the budget throughout the project
  • carrying out the work in the shortest possible time

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